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The Garda College

The Garda College is the national centre for police training, development and learning within the Irish State. It is a modern campus structure on eight acres within the town of Templemore, Co. Tipperary.

College 1

Foundation Training Programme

The Foundation Training Programme is the initial training and development programme in An Garda Síochána, and incorporates the training required to perform the role and functions of a Garda in an efficient and effective manner.  The Foundation Training Programme is the platform for all other learning and development in the Garda Organisation.  The Programme operates a hybrid problem-based learning approach, which leads into the organisational learning philosophy of life-long learning.  The Programme is also adopting the principals within the Universal Design for Learning framework.  These principals will improve and optimise teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how we learn.

Superintendent Foundation Training is responsible for the delivery of the Foundation Training Programme, which assesses three key elements, over three phases of training.  The three elements which are monitored and assessed during the Programme are as follows:

  1. BA in Applied Policing – the Programme incorporates a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Policing (Level 7 on the NQF), which is accredited by University of Limerick. The BA in Applied Policing takes approximately two years to complete and is divided into three separate Phases.
  2. Operational efficiency and effectiveness – During deployments to Garda Stations the operational performance of Garda Trainees and Probationer Gardaí is assessed to consider their suitability to perform the roles and functions of a Garda member in an efficient and effective manner.
  3. Conduct and behaviour – As an organisational imperative careful consideration is given to assess the overall suitability of Garda Trainees and Probationer Gardaí in their conduct and behaviour throughout the Programme. The Programme assesses how Garda Trainees and Probationer Gardaí adhere to the ethical standards, values, integrity and professionalism required by members of An Garda Síochána.

The Foundation Training Programme commences, when a successful applicant commences as a Garda Trainee and concludes when the Garda Commissioner confirms their appointment as a member of An Garda Síochána, following the successful completion of the probationary period.

The Programme incorporates a BA in Applied Policing, which contains three Phases of training.  Garda Trainees undergoing Phase I and upon successful completion, Garda Trainees are attested as members of An Garda Síochána and commence their probationary period (normally two-years from attestation) in accordance with the provisions of the Admissions and Appointments Regulations.  The probationary period provides a period to assess the suitability of the Probationer Garda to perform the roles and functions of a Garda prior to confirmation in their appointment as a Garda.  Following attestation Probationer Gardaí complete Phase II and Phase III of the BA in Applied Policing programme in the operational environment.  The entire Foundation Training Programme is approximately two years and eight months in duration, and may be subject to extensions as deemed appropriate. 

The academic element of the Programme contained in the BA in Applied Policing, accredited by University of Limerick, is delivered using a hybrid problem based learning approach.  The BA in Applied Policing develops learning in topics such as legislation, Garda policy, practices and procedures, Irish language, community policing, police craft, self-defence and physical training.  During the training Programme Garda Trainees and Probationer Gardaí require attributes of resilience, dedication, physical and mental fitness, strong ethical values and commitment.  These attributes are required to meet the demands of the Programme and ensure candidates have the ability to partake in physical demanding training.

BA in Applied Policing

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Policing is a level-7, degree programme accredited by University of Limerick.  The following gives an overview of the three phases within the BA in Applied Policing programme:

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Phase 1 Hybrid problem-based learning         Phase II Work based learning      Phase III Work based learning

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