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Online Hate Crime Reporting

Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person to, in whole or in part, be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on actual or perceived age, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Click here to report a hate crime online

Always report any incident you perceive as motivated by hate to An Garda Síochána.   In an emergency you must call 999/112. 

You will be attended to by a Garda who will take your report. 

  • He/She will make an assessment to commence an investigation. An investigation will involve gathering evidence such as taking statements from victim(s) and witnesses, etc.
  • You will be offered a choice to be referred to victim support.
  • You will be kept informed of developments throughout the investigation.

There are two hundred and eight one Garda Diversity Officers appointed throughout the country who can assist you in the course of the investigation, if you so wish. 

Should you not wish to attend your local Garda station, you can seek the services of the Garda National Diversity & Integration Unit, who will act as liaison with your local Garda station or Garda Diversity Officer. 

Should you require further information about hate crime, please contact the staff at the Garda National Diversity & Integration Unit, who will deal with any query on this.

Garda National Diversity & Integration Unit

Phone: +353-1-6663150

Email: diversity@garda.ie


This report is based on provisional data, in respect of reports received from 21st July 2021 - 28th February 2022 and is correct as of 28th February 2022. As it is under constant review / investigation at local level, it is subject to change.

Number of actionable reports received 237
Number of individual reports received  332
Total including duplicates 348


                            Hate Related Reports Received - 73
Hate Crimes 40
Hate Incidents 33
Total  73

Total on PULSE

Further information / clarification required from Injured Party / PULSE Incident to be created

                           Non-Hate Related Reports Received - 164
Crimes / Incidents* 126
Other ** 38
                            Status of Actionable Reports Received
Closed 230
Open 7

***Closed by the Garda National Diversity and Integration Unit having been actioned / forwarded for action to local Superintendents



                      Non-Actionable and Duplicate Reports - 111
Non-Actionable 95
Duplicates 16
Total of Actionable and Non-Actionable Reports 348

***Non-actionable includes incomplete reports / reports with inappropriate material / misuse of service.


Total to Date Hate Crimes Hate Incidents Non-Hate Crimes / Incidents Other Non-Actionable / Duplicate Total Closed Open Total
40 33 126 38 111 348 341 7 348
                                   2021                2022
Month July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total 21 Jan Feb Total 22 to date
Total 80 46 31 40 39 27 263 52 33 85
Average Monthly Totals Average Daily Totals
  2021 (Aug - Dec) 36.6 1.2
  2022 (Jan - Feb) 42.5 1.4


                    Breakdown of 164 Non-Hate Related Reports
* Examples of Crime / Incident Types ** Examples of Other
• Assault
• Attention and Complaints
• Blackmail
• Criminal Damage
• Domestic Dispute
• Drug Offences
• Harassment
• Intimidation
• Online Fraud / Scam
• Theft
• Public Order

Total: 126

• Intelligence
• Conspiracy Theories
• Garda Misconduct
• Already Under Investigation
• Offensive Material - no complainant
• Tweets

Total 38


All Online Hate Crime Reports received go initially to the Garda National Diversity and Integration Unit (GNDIU), where they are examined and actioned. PULSE Incidents are created where appropriate and reports are forwarded for investigation depending on the type of report (outlined at 1-3 below).   

  1. Hate Related
  2. Non-Hate Related
  3. Non-Actionable 


  1. Hate Crime - PULSE Incident created by GNDIU and forwarded to local district for investigation. 
  2. Hate Incident - PULSE Incident created by GNDIU and forwarded to local district for information and appropriate action. 


  1. Crime

             Report forwarded to local district for investigation

  •                    Hate Crime leaflet provided via email to person making the online report 

     2. Other (e.g. online disputes, conspiracy theories etc.)

Person making the report (Complainant) is contacted by GNDIU and provided with relevant / appropriate information

(Advice with links to relevant information e.g. list of local Garda Diversity Officers, Garda station directory, Hate Crime leaflet, GSOC website etc.) 


The following non-actionable reports are deemed closed by GNDIU:

            a.   Incomplete reports - insufficient information provided to record

(Every effort is made to advance incomplete reports by GNDIU however in some cases this proves impossible due to the lack of detail provided.) 

           b. Inappropriate reports - offensive / nuisance content

Responding to Hate Crimes and Non-Crime Hate Incidents Policy Document