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Related PQ Requests 2022

Roads Policing Related PQs 2022

2022 PQ requests
Brief Description Of RequestDatePQ Number
Number of Garda fines that were issued for parking in a disabled bay in 2020 and 2021; and the value of these fines by Garda division19/01/221185

Number of scramblers and quad bikes that were seized in 2020 and 2021 by Garda division
Number of drivers that paid a fixed charge penalty notice for speeding in each division within the timeframe in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 202119/01/222009

Number of drivers that availed of the third payment option and paid a fixed charge notice for speeding in each division in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
Number of fixed charge notices issued to drivers for speeding by division in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 202119/01/222008
Number of new Roads Policing Unit vehicles that came and number of Roads Policing vehicles withdrawn from the fleet during 2021 and to date in 202215/02/228244
If she has engaged with Commissioner and/or Garda traffic corps in developing a proactive strategy to address the motorway network being used by criminals to commit acts of burglary and assault15/02/228397
Total number convictions and penalty points issued to uninsured motorists in each of the years 2017 to 202122/02/229640
Total number of fines issued to uninsured motorists per year in each of the years 2017 to 202122/02/229639
Total number of vehicles seized per year after the driver was found to be driving without insurance in each of the years 2017 to 202122/02/229641
Total number of uninsured vehicles which have been identified using the automatic number-plate recognition system etc22/02/229642
Average hourly and daily number of uninsured vehicles that are identified through the use of the automatic number-plate recognition system22/02/229643
Number of roadside drink driving checks and number of prosecutions that were imposed in each county in the past five years01/03/2210952
Number of speeding checks that have been put in place and number of fines that were imposed in each county for the past five years01/03/2210951
Vehicles that are assigned to the Regional Support Unit in the Cavan/Monaghan division08/03/2212607
Number of new Roads Policing Unit vehicles that came into and were withdrawn the Nenagh district fleet in 2021 and to date in 202209/03/2213219
Percentage of Gardaí who are involved in roads policing05/05/2222031
Number of vehicles seized by Gardaí­ for road traffic offences that were either crushed or sold off in each of the years of 2020, 2021 and to date in 202210/05/2222964
If speed camera vans are permitted to operate in areas which do not feature speed camera warning signs10/05/2223238
Number of prosecutions of motorists in each of the past 5 years for failure to make progress and drive at the appropriate speed limit11/05/2223543
Further to PQ 637 of 11/5/21, number of speeding fines or penalty points issued as a result of speed camera vans in past 5 years and to date in 202110/05/2223237
If there is a protocol operated in relation to when to intervene with persons who are joyriding on stolen motorbikes;17/05/2224623
Justification for not proceeding with See Something, Say Something text alert initiative for Donabate in 202124/05/2225790
Number of evidential breath testing machines allocated to each Garda Division as of 1 May 2021 and 17 May 202224/05/2226155
Further to PQ234 31/3/22, number and type issued for exceeding 30KMPH travelling wrong way on North Road system and on Upper Glen Road cul-de-sac31/05/2228187
Number of fixed penalty notices issued to cyclists to date since commencement of the Road Traffic Act 201531/05/2228181
Number of road side drug tests that were carried out in past 5 years; number of these tests that were positive in that period;31/05/2227584
Update on roadside alcohol and drug testing detections, number by county for alcohol, opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines and cannabis since 201721/06/2232086
Number of road traffic collisions for 2019 to 2021 in each district in County Mayo; the number which resulted in a fatality or serious injury21/06/2232348
Number of fixed penalty notices that were­ issued for parking in a bus lane in the years 2021 and to date in 202221/06/2232336
Number of new marked and unmarked roads policing unit vehicles that came into the fleet to-date in 2022; the number of RPU vehicles withdrawn to-date in 202221/06/2232342
Number of drivers who paid a fixed charge penalty notice for speeding in each division within statutory payment timeframe in 2021 and to-date in 202212/07/2237374
Number of mandatory intoxicant testing checkpoints during 2021 and 2022 to date; number of motorists that have tested positive for drugs12/07/2237726
Number of cancelled fixed penalty notices by category including the offence from 2020 to date 2022; totality of fine income forgone as a result of the cancellations12/07/2237673
Way Department and public bodies and agencies under remit are implementing action 32 of the National Disability and Inclusion Strategy 2017-202113/07/2238741
Number of Garda in each roads policing unit by Garda division, per year in 2020, 2021 and to date in 202226/07/2240099
Percentage of motorcycles attached to the Garda roads policing unit that are 1100cc, 1200cc, 1250cc and 1500cc08/09/2243192
Further to PQ 682 of 21 June 2022, if she has received the necessary information from the Garda authorities08/09/2243576

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