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Environmental/Energy Presentation to An Garda Síochána on the 11/7/16

In 2010, the Commissioner established a group, under the chair of the Executive Director of Finance and Services, to develop an Environmental / Energy Strategy for An Garda Síochána.

As part of the Environmental Strategy, An Garda Síochána has been proactively engaged in reducing its energy consumption in order to meet the mandatory reduction of 33% by 2020.

In order to achieve this reduction there has been a structured and strategic approach taken to energy management in order to carry out all of its operations in a responsible, sustainable and energy efficient manner.

An energy project team was formed consisting of the following:

   • Mr. Michael  Dodd, Finance and Procurement - Senior Project Management Representative
   • Mr. Joe Ainsworth / Inspector Bracey Daniels  - Garda Fleet Management
   • Sergeant Clive Derham,  Facilities Management -  Energy Manager

A dedicated Energy Management process was commenced and key interaction with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), which is still on going, has now provided the platform for successful phased implementation of an international best practice energy management system (ISO 50001).This commenced with Garda Headquarters and the Garda Fleet in 2015 to assist with achieving best practice energy management and internationally recognised excellence. This has led to a landmark occasion in Energy Management for An Garda Síochána as the project team attained the ISO Energy Management Certification on the 8th May, 2016 from Certification Europe.

An Garda Síochána is now one of the first police forces in the world to gain ISO 50001 certification and is among the leading public sector organisations in Ireland (above the 26th percentile) for energy performance having already achieved 17.3% energy savings towards its 33% 2020 target.

This project has generated cost savings of €5,391,135 over the past six years. Spilt between transport  of €3,728,445 on petrol and diesel with thermal fuel savings of €935,873 and electricity savings of €672,817.When compared to the 2009 baseline there is an energy reduction of 30% and CO2 reductions of 28.4% since this project was started.

An Garda Síochána has strongly demonstrated the opportunity that exists for organisations to reduce energy consumption year on year at very low cost. In the current environment where project capital availability remains limited, there is significant potential to save energy and cost. The dedicated energy team at An Garda Síochána meet regularly to review the organisations energy performance as well as to plan and implement further energy reduction measures.

Strong senior management commitment and support have been key to the successes achieved to date. At the end of 2015, An Garda Síochána consumed approximately 140GWh of energy annually across the entire organisation. This represented a remarkable 30% organisational energy reduction over the previous 6 years with a total cumulative energy cost saving in the region of €11.7 million over the same period. 

The next step is to rollout the strategy to other high energy users, high spend centres such as the Garda College, to assist with achieving best practice energy management and generate further energy and financial savings.

Moreover, in wider environmental terms, at a time of increased pressures in respect of the environmental footprint and on the public purse, the monitoring, analysis of not just energy, but increasing water and waste costs, will also assist in the coming years, the more effective use of current budgetary resources.

Organisational energy related improvements projects included:

• ISO 50001 certification
• Transport Fuel Conversions
• Transport Fleet Efficiencies
• Boiler upgrades & oil to gas conversions
• Lighting upgrades & control improvements
• Insulation works
• Heating control systems optimisation
• Electricity/Gas monitoring, targeting & reporting

Certificate obtained from Certification Europe.

Energy Training in 2015 in Garda College attendees from HQ and Southern region.

Mr Michael Brophy, Marketing Executive of Certification Europe said "An Garda Síochána deserve to be congratulated for what they have achieved today. Not only have An Garda Síochána pushed the boundaries in energy management, and put themselves amongst a very select group of organisations worldwide that have achieved the Energy Management standard (ISO 50001), but they had the self-belief, in fact you could say the nerve, to do this across the entire organisation at once.  By An Garda Síochána being certified makes it clear that the organisation is committed to improving the operational and environmental efficiency of its Utilities and Energy. With Certification to ISO 50001 through Certification Europe, An Garda Síochána have given clear evidence to the truth of this statement”.


Please find details of all background information in relation to the energy project and there are photographs available in relation to the presentation that took place.  You can email pressoffice@garda.ieto request same:


Garda Headquarters

Optimising the Business Management System (BMS) in Garda HQ.

BMS is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems,

Metering of Garda Headquarters to identify the main energy drivers to assist in the management of the BMS

Assistance from Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland SEAI) who carried out a free energy survey of the Garda Technical which enabled us to improve insulation , install metering and replacement of inefficient boilers (INCLUDE THIS THEY HAVE BEEN INVALUABLE)

Boiler replacements in certain buildings within HQ and installation of thermostatic radiator values in certain buildings

Active participation in the OPW Optimising  Power @ work with last road show in Garda HQ in March 2016 – this was also nationwide

Lighting upgrades (LED) and use of light control technology within HQ

Boilers Conversion from oil to gas also in other Garda Stations with OPW assistance

OPW provided insulation in other Garda station as well

Transport and Procurement:

The purchase of energy efficient products services and the design of energy efficient improvements ie boilers triple A etc

Conversion from petrol to diesel

Consideration at procurement stage of aerodynamics and vehicle weight reduction with health and safety paramount for garda members
Procurement of tyres with 25% higher rolling resistance and Tyre pressure checks 

Use of low viscosity oil

The Future:

Continued engagement with SEAI who have been invaluable

Continue petrol to diesel conversion

Transport the use of electric cars for inner cities policing and scenes of crime vehicles

Free Air Cooling – look at installation for Server rooms use  of natural ventilation to replace air conditioning units

Consideration to using Solar PV in major buildings with the co operation of OPW

Garda College switching to gas from oil

Further metering of major sites such as Garda College.